Rose Colours And Their Meanings

Rose Colours & Their Meanings:


Roses are by far the most popular flowers used throughout the world and have been culturally symbolic since ancient times. The rose was used by the Romans, for example, as a symbol for love, secrecy, and beauty. The ceilings of Roman dining-rooms were adorned with roses, reminding guests that ‘what goes on tour stays on tour’ and not to repeat what what was said or heard around the dinner table.  In Latin, the words sub rosa mean “under the rose” and to this day is a phrase attributed to “confidentiality.”

The general meaning of a rose is love, hence it being the most popular flower sent on Valentine’s Day, but each colour has bean attributed to it’s own specific meaning so that one can send a silent message with the colour or selection of colours chosen for their beloved. Usually these specific meanings are overlooked in modern day society but it was of great importance in days gone by and as culture has been increasingly influenced by vintage trends, from fashion and decor, to wedding themes and styles, so the importance of the colour of roses and their meanings is returning.

We also see a move towards the more romantic, scented garden roses for future Valentine’s Days and are excited about where this special day is headed, with love birds looking at new ways of showing how they feel with flowers. And with the South African market opening up to gorgeous imported, scented roses on a much wider scale, the romance factor is set to sky-rocket.

For those hopeless romantics, here is a list of our most commonly used rose colours and their meanings.

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Red Rose:

I love You | True Love


Bright Pink Rose:

Appreciation & Gratitude


Pale Pink Rose:

Admiration| Gentleness | Gracefulness | Elegance


White Rose:

Pure Love | New Beginnings


Orange Rose:

Passion | Energy | Excitement | Enthusiasm | Captivation


Lilac Rose:

Enchantment | Love at First Sight



Friendship | Happiness | Joy


Red and White Roses Together:



Peach Rose:

Appreciation & Gratitude | Sincerity


So for those of you who love the classic simplicity of roses, and are now in-the-know as to what says what, you have already become a romantic and a poet, and what appeals more to someone in love than that?!