Our Favourite Summer Blooms

Our Favourite Summer Blooms.

The warm weather has arrived, and with it comes the bounty that Summer brings… Seasonal blooms that are full of colour and vibrance. We have put together a few of them for you to feast your eyes on!

The Rose Cafe_Summer Blooms Blog Collage


These delicate tapering beauties come in pink, purple and white.  Sitting nestled in amongst other blooms, their dainty tips add gorgeous softness to arrangements.


A love of ours because of their voluptuous petal count, gradients of tone and array of colours, from antique hues to vibrant cerise.


We’re wild about Scabiosa, their simple rows of soft frilly petals, and way they seem to float on their tall stems. They look amazing when allowed to stand out beyond the other blooms they are coupled with, almost like a floral halo, and have a scent close to that of honey… sweet.

Cluster Roses:

We love the uneven appearance of cluster roses, their buds sitting at different heights on the stem and how they make any arrangement look more romantic due to their softness and layers of petals.


The many tiny flowers that make up a hydrangea bloom have a way of drawing you in, especially when they are in a masterpiece of antiques, ice-cream pinks and pastel lilacs. The colours that these incredible flowers are available in is quite astounding. We love the gentle structure they attribute to arrangements and how versatile they are, from use as a stand alone bloom; to providing a complete arrangement on their own; to adding voluminous softness when grouped with other flowers.

Viburnum Balls:

Who wouldn’t just love baby hydrangeas – that’s essentially what these are! Tiny petal balls to add a dash of romance to any arrangement. From a very pale mint to a more lime appearance, their fresh green colour brings a pop of softness and colour.


Image Credits (From top left to right): Veronicas (From Traditional Home) / Dahlias / Scabiosa / Cluster Roses / Hydrangea / Viburnum Balls