5 Tips To Keep Your Cut Flowers Fresh

5 Tips To Keep Your Cut Flowers Fresh:


One: No foliage or leaves submerged in the water

Be sure to strip off any leaves from your stems that will fall below the water level in your vase. Foliage in the water will create bacteria, and decrease the vase life of your flowers.


Two: Cut stems

Stems that have been out of water for even a short time get blocked by little air bubbles, which inhibit optimal water absorption. Make sure to cut your stems directly before placing them in your vase of water. Cut them at a 45° angle for an increased area of absorption.


Three: Clean water

Water needs to be changed every two to three days depending on how fast your flowers are drinking, and the type of flowers. Certain flowers make the water turn murky sooner. Always make sure the water is clear and that your vase is filled high enough to cover the base of all the stems.


Four: Flower food

Flowers grown in mass production for retail need a little bit of extra help, and flower food is specifically designed to assit these blooms, by helping create the right environment for your flowers to flourish.

Have a look here for our DIY Flower Food Recipe.


Five: Environment

Place your vase in a spot where it will not receive any direct sunshine; is not in a draught; and is in a cool room.


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